From the day you get contacts you are told what you should and shouldn't do with them. One of the most important things you are told is to replace your contacts often and to remove them nightly, unless they are special contacts that are designed for nighttime use. Many people choose to ignore this advice, which can be very dangerous for their eyes. Here are some of the complications you can have when you misuse your contacts.

1. Serious Infection

You eyes are exposed to bacteria every single day. The contacts are designed to help you see better, not to filter the good bacteria and the bad bacteria out. Thus, each day you get foreign objects in your eyes that could cause infection. When you remove your contacts each day and clean them you remove all of the bacteria in your eye. Without the contact in, your eye does a very good job of creating tears that flush out the bacteria. If you don't give your eyes the chance to ever breathe, then you are asking for a problem.

In some cases you could get an infection that causes pain and irritation. In more serious cases you could expose your eye to an infection that could cause permanent damage to your vision.

2. Cornea Damage That Prevents You From Getting LASIK

If you have problems with your eyesight, you have probably thought about getting LASIK. This is a great surgery that allows thousands of people to see without glasses or corrective lenses. However, in order to be a candidate for LASIK you have to have a healthy cornea. When you misuse contacts for a long period of time, you can damage your cornea beyond repair. This could prevent you from being a candidate for this awesome surgery later in life.

3. Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very serious condition. Many people think that it is just a little dryness with the eye, but in fact, it can cause you to be in constant pain. Wearing your contacts improperly can cause dry eye. Contacts are made of a special material that have pores that help air pass through. When you wear your contacts for too long the pores get blocked. Once the air can no longer pass through your eye has to compensate. This could cause your eyes to constantly be dry and in pain.

For these reasons and many more, follow the directions of your eye doctor (like those at Langley Optometry Clinic) when it comes to contact use.