When your eye doctor tells you that you need corrective eyewear, you might decide that contact lenses are a better option. While these are convenient and effective, there are some things to know about wearing them and taking care of them. Here are some tips to follow when you are brand new to wearing contacts.

Know How to Use Cleaning Solution

When you remove your contact lenses, if you are not using disposable contacts, you will need to soak them in cleaning solution overnight. This not only keeps them in a safe place, but it helps to remove some of the bacteria so that you are only putting in clean contacts. Not only should you soak them in the solution, but it is also a good idea to rub it into the contacts prior to soaking them. Pour a little solution on the contacts, then use your fingers to gently rub the contacts for a few seconds. This helps to dislodge more of the bacteria prior to soaking.

Learn the Proper Method For Removing Them

One of the hardest parts for people who are just starting to wear contacts is having to remove them. Make sure you always wash your hands before removing them so you don't get oils and bacteria in your eyes. Before you begin, make sure you have a flat surface where they won't fall. If there is a sink below you, put a towel over the sink drain so the contact doesn't fall down. If they are going directly into the contact holder with solution, add our solution and get it ready. That way, when you remove them, you rub them with the solution and place them right inside. You also want to clean your contact case on a regular basis.

To remove the contacts, look either up or to the side. Pull the lower lid down and use your other finger to pinch the sides of the lens very gently, then lift it from the eye. Keep your nails trimmed so you don't scratch your eye or the lens while doing this.

Don't Make Common Mistakes

There are also some mistakes that new contact wearers tend to make. For example, make sure you never swap contacts with someone so you can try their fancy colored ones. You should also use high-quality lens solution instead of an off-brand variety. If you are going to be near fumes or vapors, remove your contact lenses and wear eyeglasses instead. Contact a business, such as Campbell River Optometry Centre contacts, for more information.