If your teenager is nearsighted and needs to wear prescription glasses, but has recently broken two pairs of their glasses because they didn't take care of them, purchasing replacement prescription eyeglasses can put a dent in your pocketbook and cause you to worry incessantly about the new pairs of glasses breaking. Use the care strategies below to preserve the condition of each pair of eyewear.

Purchase A Strap, Chain, And Case

If your child wears their glasses while participating in strenuous activities, they are at risk of damaging the glasses if they fall off while running or jumping. Purchase a thick, stretchy strap that can be secured to the end of each temple. The temples are the parts of the glasses that are also referred to as arms. These are the long pieces that rest over your child's ears.

A chain is another accessory that can be secured to glasses. Afterward, the chain can be draped around your teenager's neck. If the glasses accidentally fall off, they will remain attached to the chain.

Purchase a personalized case that includes your child's name, phone number, and address. If the glasses are stored in the case and they become lost at school or during a sporting event, the personal information that is displayed on the case will increase the likelihood that the glasses will be returned.  

Designate A Spot For Cleaning And Storage

Tell your teenager that you would like the glasses to be cleaned each day at a specific time. Designate an area in the bathroom for the cleaning process. Purchase some glass cleaning cloths and make sure that your child knows that proper way to wipe off both sides of each lens. Your child's optometrist likely instructed them on how to clean the glasses and may have even provided your child with cleaning cloths.

If you run out of cloths, purchase more that are designated for use on glasses. Instruct your child to place the glasses in their case and set the case on top of a shelf or inside of a drawer. If you have purchased a spare pair of glasses, store them in a safe area in your home so that they do not become lost or damaged while they are not being worn. 

Make Yearly Appointments For An Eye Exam And Adjustments

Yearly appointments with an optometrist are important because your child's vision may have worsened and they may need a stronger prescription. During eye appointments, minor repairs to an existing pair of glasses can be performed. If the hardware is loose or if the arms on a pair of glasses feel too tight, an optometrist can assist with making adjustments so that your child can comfortably wear their glasses.